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DonorWorks Mobile - Main Features

DonorWorks Mobile

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DonorWorks Mobile - Main Features

Note: DonorWorks Mobile works with any iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher or any Android device running Android 4.0 or later. It can be used with any DonorWorks database running DonorWorks 9.1 or later that is hosted through the DonorWorks Data Hosting service. The device must be able to connect to the Internet either through WiFi or 3G/4G to access your hosted DonorWorks database.


Constituents allows you to mass e-mail constituents, display the name, relations, photos, birth date and place, school, marriage date and place, work location and death information of constituents in your DonorWorks database. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed, and an interactive map to the primary street address is displayed. In addition, all attendance history for a constituent is available, along with gifts over the past year for a constituent. Finally, you have ability to add, view, edit and delete correspondences and notes on the fly.


Attendance lets you take attendance for groups and events for any date. Tap a constituent to mark or un-mark their attendance, and your change is filed instantly in your database and will appear in standard DonorWorks windows and reports.

Barcode Attendance

Barcode Attendance lets you scan constituent barcodes using your device's camera to mark attendance, The app can operate in a hand-held or kiosk mode and is designed for rapid attendance entry.


Check-In lets you search families and check them into their respective groups all at once. Check-In complements staffed and self check-in in the desktop version of DonorWorks. When paired with a desktop software running the name badge print server, DonorWorks Mobile will send badge print job requests to the desktop version for printing.


Check-Out lets you scan barcodes, or enter check-in codes manually, to check-out constituents from their respective events or groups.

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