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Using DonorWorks with OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Using DonorWorks with OS X 10.9 Mavericks

The latest release of DonorWorks 9.0 is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

In order to run DonorWorks under Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, DonorWorks 9.0b2 or later is required. You can download the latest release of DonorWorks here. Any release of DonorWorks prior to 9.0b2 will crash when opening under Mavericks.

More About DonorWorks People

Address Records

From the Address Records window you can enter and access not primary and alternate address information, phones/email addresses, the donor record, groups, notes, notices and more. The Address Records window also gives you access to the very useful Contact Log.

Constituent Records

Hardware Requirement for DonorWorks Check-In/Check-Out

What Hardware Do I Need to Use Check-In/Check-Out?

You really only need a laptop computer or a desktop computer with keyboard and mouse to use Check-In/Check-Out, but depending on how you're using the program, additional products can be purchased through Suran Systems to enhance the Check-In/Check-Out experience.

What Do I Need to Use Online Giving?

What Do I Need to Use DonorWorks Online Giving?

• The DonorWorks Giving Toolkit

The Online Giving Toolkit is available from DonorWorks at a cost of $34.95/month (discounted to $21.95/month for Data Hosted users). Additional discounts apply if you subscribe to multiple Web Toolkits. Other available toolkits are:

  • the Basic Toolkit—5 basic tools for one inclusive fee
  • the Single Event Registration Toolkit

Giver Portal

The Giver Portal

With the Giver Portal, constituents in your database can:

  • create (and change) at any time their own recurring gifts

    Givers can create for themselves recurring donations to any funds you make available and at any schedule.

Giving Tool

The Giving Tool

The Giving Tool is one of three tools in the Online Giving Toolkit. It allows one-time online gifts, although each gift may be split among as many of your giving funds as you choose to make available during setup of the tool. Because a Giving Tool does not store the giver's payment information, the giver must enter payment information each time he or she gives through the tool.

Check Image Scanner

MagTek MICRImage™ Check Scanner for Windows®

Using the check image scanner is absolutely the fastest and most accurate way for Windows® users to enter gifts! Check Image Scanner is not available for Macs at this time.

Check Reader

Mini MICR Check Reader


With the Mini MICR® Check Reader by MagTek®, entering gifts in DonorWorks is a snap. From within the Gifts program, the Mini MICR will read the account number off a check, pull up the donor's record and, if required, even print the check number on the gift entry.

How Data Hosting Works

How Data Hosting Works

You can download and install DonorWorks from our website onto any supported computer.
Then enter a user ID and password to configure DonorWorks to use the DonorWorks Hosting service.

DonorWorks will automatically connect to your database and you can get to work!

How Remote Access Works

Remote Access of Data Stored on Your Server

This setup requires an active Internet connection, a static public IP address and a means of accessing the server through that IP (router with port forwarding, VPN, etc.). The cost of this option varies widely from one area and ISP provider to another.

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