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Pledge Management

Pledge Management

We make pledge management manageable.

  • A constituent can have multiple pledges and pledge schedules are flexible. Pledges can be created for a specific designation, as a generic pledge that will take payments from any designation, or can be automatically created for X-athon sponsors or matching gift donors.
  • You enter the designation for the pledge, the total amount pledged, total number of payments over what period of time and it will spread the pledge payments for you, or you can enter all this information manually for flexible payment schedules.
  • You can also generate thank you's, reminders, delinquency reminders and cash flow reports.
  • Display a phonathon screen that keeps track of the total amount of pledges entered. This allows the phonathon manager to update the pledge board with the total of pledges made.

When a gift is entered for that constituent to that particular designation, we recognize that there is a pledge attached and allow you to apply it to the pledge.

A variety of reports are available to track uncompleted pledges, completed pledges and expected income from pledges.