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New! Check-In/Check-Out

The addition of the Check-In/Check-Out program to your DonorWorks 9 suite provides simple, secure and accurate attendance tracking.

Options abound so you can match the program’s settings to your needs - whether used with children, teens or adults. With Check-In/Check-Out you can:

New! Online Event Registration

Allow the convenience of online registration

Use Suran Web Tools with Event Registration to let individuals register for gala dinners, volunteer training sessions or any other event. Fees may be charged for the event and/or specific activities within the event, such as a meal or T-shirt.

New! Online Donations

Provide a quick, easy, secure online giving experience

Donors can choose to make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.

Options in the powerful Giving Tool let you choose the fund or funds you wish to make available for gifts, how to handle receipts, and more. Plus, gifts are automatically entered in DonorWorks. If your DonorWorks suite includes Fund Accounting, deposits of online donations can be automatically processed to reflect the net amount less fees.

New! Payroll

DonorWorks Payroll is tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. Set up payroll with ease, transfer payroll information to the general ledger, and track vacation, sick and comp times for employees.

Plus, when tax season comes, you'll be ready!

Key Features:

  • The tabs of the Employee Information window walk you through the steps of payroll setup
  • Payroll information transfers quickly and smoothly to the general ledger (requires DonorWorks Accounting)

New! Fund Accounting

Tired of trying to make do with an accounting system designed for a business? With the addition of the Fund Accounting program to your DonorWorks 9 suite, you don't have to. This is full fund accounting that's robust enough for any business but also savvy about issues unique to non-profit organizations.

Now you can keep books like a pro, simplify bank reconciliation, streamline your payments to vendors, track fees owed to you . . . and more!

Upgrading FAQs

How can I see a demo of DonorWorks 10?

Please contact the our Sales Department at 800-327-1476 to arrange for a guided tour of DonorWorks 9.

DonorWorks Version 9

We're excited to announce that DonorWorks 9 will be available Summer 2012!

DonorWorks 9

DonorWorks 9 will be available in June 2013!

This major upgrade brings DonorWorks substantial new functionality through an updated user interface and streamlined workflow. New programs in the DonorWorks suite offer integrated fund accounting, payroll, online donations, online event registrations, shared calendaring and more.

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