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DonorWorks Overview

Solutions for

  • Ministries & Mission Organizations
  • Private Schools & Alumni Groups
  • Hospital Foundations & Support Groups
  • Art, Music & Theater Groups
  • Political & Environmental Groups,
    and More

In today's rapidly-changing computing environment, an organization needs a tightly integrated system to handle the flow of information that keeps it healthy and connects it with its constituents.

DonorWorks offers integration both in devices and design. Whether you access DonorWorks from your desktop, the web or your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch® or device for Android™, you're using a powerful solution with the right technology for each device -- so you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone just the way it was designed to be used.

Our flexible pricing and choice of either a traditional license or software-as-a-service allows for an integrated software solution that’s custom designed to meet the information management needs and budget of your organization.

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