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Reporting Features

DonorWorks Payroll is tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. Set up payroll with ease, transfer payroll information to the general ledger, and track vacation, sick and comp times for employees.

Plus, when tax season comes, you'll be ready!


Key Features:

  • The tabs of the Employee Information window walk you through the steps of payroll setup
  • Payroll information transfers quickly and smoothly to the general ledger (requires DonorWorks Accounting)
  • Easily track vacation, sick and comp times for employees and print the information directly on check stubs
  • Built-in Payroll Direct Deposit lets you offer employees this popular perk
  • Built-in Tax Table Updates ensure correct withholdings
  • Automatically calculate taxes, prepare and print 941 information and produce W-2s/W-3s and 1099s

Use of the Payroll program requires enrollment in Payroll Support plan. Built-in Direct Deposit Payroll features requires a merchant account obtained through Suran Systems.