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More About DonorWorks People

Address Records

From the Address Records window you can enter and access not primary and alternate address information, phones/email addresses, the donor record, groups, notes, notices and more. The Address Records window also gives you access to the very useful Contact Log.

Constituent Records

The Constituent Records window is where you track information that pertains just to a particular individual at an address. Information on the Address Records window pertains to everyone at the address. Constituent Records is where you track preferred names/nicknames, individual phones/email addresses, personal information such as birth date, membership, individual photo, groups to which the person belongs, notes, events attended, the contact log for the individual and more.

Notes Records

Notes are extremely important when your function is maintaining a relationship with a group or individual. Notes Records in DonorWorks are password protected. The link from a Notes Record to its associated Address Record or Constituent Record only works in one direction. For privacy reasons, there is no link to a Notes Record from either the Address Record or the Individual Record.

Correspondence Records

Correspondence Records in DonorWorks allow you to track correspondence/contacts and set up reminders of any follow up that's needed.

Field Maintenance, List Maintenance and Phone/Email Maintenance

Field Maintenance allows you to quickly make additions or changes to multiple records from one window. List Maintenance allows you to quickly and easily assign records to lists. Phone/Email Maintenance is an easy way to keep phone numbers and email addresses up to date.

Address Utilities

Address Utilities is where you update school grades for children in your Constituent Records. it is also where you access NCOA Processing and CASS Certification -- optional add-on services provided by Suran Systems for DonorWorks users mailing at discount rates through the U.S. Postal Service.


Reports available for the People program include Directories, Exports, Labels/Envelopes, Listing Reports, Notices and Summaries. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the wide variety of DonorWorks reports.