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How Much Does DonorWorks Cost?

Every situation is unique. Contact us and let us work with you to choose the configuration of our 6 available programs and the number of concurrent user licenses that best fits your needs. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a powerful constituent management solution can be. That said, we are sure you would like to know what you might expect DonorWorks to cost.

DonorWorks SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) pricing:

  • Any one program = $45/month
  • Any two programs = $65/month
  • Any three programs= $85/month
      (a common 3-program suite might include People, Gifts and Event Registration)

    Monthly SaaS fee includes cross-platform suite (Macintosh® and Windows®), 3 concurrent user licenses, Premier Support, Data Hosting service, DonorWorks Mobile, and Basic Web Toolkit.

    DonorWorks traditional software license pricing:

  • Any one program purchased alone = $365
  • Any two programs purchased together = $650
  • Any three programs purchased together = $895
      (a common suite might include People, Gifts and Event Registration)

    Note that a significant discount applies when multiple programs are purchased at the same time.

    Other DonorWorks products or services: (not a complete list)

  • Cross platform traditional licensed suite (Macintosh® and Windows®) = $125
  • Third and fourth simultaneous user licenses for traditional suite = $100 each
  • Premier Support = based on traditional licensed suite configuration
  • Data Hosting = subscription service based on traditional licensed suite configuration
  • DonorWorks Mobile = included with Data Hosting fee
  • Web Tools = subscription service based on number of toolkits ordered

    Call 800-327-1476 for a no-pressure quote.