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Why Do I Need DonorWorks Training?

Why Do I Need DonorWorks Training?

How can you put a value on training?

You've just made an investment in new software. You want it to do everything that we have promised it will, and we understand that.

Can you learn the software on your own? Yes, if you are willing to give yourself or your employee uninterrupted time to go through the program and manual on our Knowledge Base site and if you are very comfortable with computers. You can teach yourself to do basic functions fairly well, but you will miss many of the extras. Long-time users who come to a training often sit there, shaking their heads, saying “I didn't know it could do that!”

We strongly recommend that you take one of the training events periodically offered for DonorWorks or contact us to schedule individualized training—either online or onsite. All DonorWorks trainers are experienced support specialists, not regional representatives.