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Upgrading FAQs

How can I see a demo of DonorWorks 10?

Please contact the our Sales Department at 800-327-1476 to arrange for a guided tour of DonorWorks 9.

What is the conversion and installation process?

Suran Systems’ staff will convert your existing DonorWorks data for you. We are scheduling data conversions now. Depending on the size of your current database this conversion may take 1-5 business days. We will work closely with your staff to minimize any interruption in workflow at your organization. Once your data has been converted we will post it to our ftp site and assist you in getting it installed onto your server or make it available on our data hosting servers. While we are converting your data you can begin to install DonorWorks 9 on your computers so once you have access to your converted data, you will be ready to enter new data and use the enhanced functionality of DonorWorks 10. DonorWorks 10.2 installers are available for download.

What will happen to my older version of DonorWorks?

DonorWorks 9 will be a separate installation and will not replace your current DonorWorks program. If you elect to do so, you can run the two systems parallel to each other. Once you are satisfied that the conversion of data was successful we would recommend uninstalling any older versions of DonorWorks.

Is training available?

All existing DonorWorks users receive 4 free hours of individualized online training at times convenient to them and our staff within 90 days of upgrading.

Will DonorWorks documentation be available?

A searchable online manual is available from within DonorWorks and on our website. Short on-demand video clips on key features of DonorWorks are also in the planning stage.