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The building for your after school program has a kitchen, multi-purpose/dining room and six classrooms. The math tutor wants to have a party on Friday to celebrate the end of a successful school year for all the middle schoolers he tutors. Can you tell him immediately if the kitchen and dining room are available? Can you promise him 4 tables and 24 chairs? Who will make sure the room is set up and ready? If there is a conflict or question, do you know whom to contact? With the addition of the Shared Calendar program to your DonorWorks 9 suite you gain an event calendar, plus resource and contact managers, in one easy-to-use powerful program. Pricing

Key features of the DonorWorks Shared Calendaring program:
  • Combines an event calendar, resource scheduler, and contact manager into one easy-to-use, powerful program!
  • Allows control over Monthly Calendar appearance
  • Lets you view multiple calendars and sub-calendars at once
  • Supports scheduling events across multiple rooms
  • Handles recurring events with precision, thanks to a combined Exceptions and Sample Date list
  • Has color-coded rooms for quick recognition
  • Alerts you to conflicts in scheduling & includes a conflict resolution utility
  • Allows creation of day-long (and longer) events
  • Allows user to create a listing report for events with customizable columns
  • Daily Events by Room Report
  • Provides an inventory of resources that lets all users know what is available and when
  • Has user-definable fields on resources
  • Lets user set multiple default locations for a resource (breakdown by quantity)
  • Includes password protection and access limits