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Check Image Scanner

MagTek MICRImage™ Check Scanner for Windows®

Using the check image scanner is absolutely the fastest and most accurate way for Windows® users to enter gifts! Check Image Scanner is not available for Macs at this time.


Speed up data entry in the DonorWorks Gifts program
and eliminate the need to photocopy checks. The Check Image Scanner provides a picture of each check.

  • Automatically scan check images during gift entry. Scanning time is minimal so it won’t slow you down.
  • Scanning a check during DonorWorks gifts entry also looks up the Giving Unit and enters the check number
  • View, scan or import check images to existing gift records
  • Save check images to a file
  • Easily retrieve a copy of a check at any time
  • Print a check listing report either in a one-page-per-check format or 8 checks per page
  • Compatible with Windows (USB or RS 232 Serial port required)

Using the Check Image Scanner

  • When you enter a new contribution during DonorWorks gifts entry, a window appears asking you to scan a check.
  • Run the check through the scanner and an image of the check will display on your screen.
  • Using the checking account number, DonorWorks automatically finds the Giving Unit and enters the check number.
  • Simply enter the amount (which you can read on the check image), adjust the gift breakdown, if necessary, and click Save!


Sample Check Listing Report



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